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21 September 2022Resources

The fifth Eurobarometer dedicated to sport and physical activity finds that 38% of Europeans play sport or exercise at least once a week or more, while 17% exercise less than once a week. Up to 45% of Europeans currently never exercise or partake in physical activity. While this is a stabilisation compared to the 2017 Eurobarometer, the continued promotion for sport and physical activity clearly remains much needed.

Respondents aged 15-24 years are the most likely to exercise or play sport with some regularity (54%). This proportion decreases with age, down from 42% among 25-39 year-olds to 32% in the group aged 40-54 and 21% among those aged 55 and over. Overall, the Eurobarometer shows that respondents who engage regularly in physical activity for recreational or non-sport-related reasons do not form a majority in any EU Member State.

According to the respondents, the main barrier to be active is a lack of time followed by a lack of motivation, or simply no interest in sport.

The survey also reveals that during COVID-19 pandemic, half of Europeans reduced their activity levels or even stopped altogether.


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