EU Youth Report 2021

15 October 2021EU news / Resources

Published by the European Commission, the Report evaluates progress towards the objectives and priorities of the EU Youth Strategy for 2019-2021. It covers the first EU triennial Work Plan for Youth under the current EU Youth Strategy, spanning two Council Presidency Trios.

It also provides an overview of the situation of young Europeans in terms of education, training, learning, employment, and civic and political participation.

According to the report, youth access to opportunities, regarding education, employment, mobility and democratic participation improved leading up to the end of 2019, until the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The pandemic resulted in a discontinuity of education, training and other learning activities, loss of employment and career opportunities, social isolation and mental health issues. In response, the EU has significantly reinforced its support and encouragement measures dedicated to young people.

The European Youth Portal, which is the one-stop-shop reference multilingual portal for young people in Europe, now offers a broad range of information on the EU Youth Strategy. With the help of the network of Eurodesk and Eurodesk Brussels Link, the Portal provides inter alia, youth information on opportunities for mobility and exchange projects, and on democratic participation activities in policy areas such as employment, human rights or peacebuilding.


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