U-Multirank 2021

22 September 2021EU news / Resources

U-Multirank, the interactive tool assisting students to select their best matching university or programme, has published its 8th university ranking, scoring almost 2,000 universities from 96 countries across the world.

Among other results, it shows that European universities cooperate more intensively in comparison to other regions, especially in the performance areas of teaching & learning, research, knowledge exchange and internationalisation (staff & student mobility, joint diplomas & publications, etc.). Generally, universities working together with other institutions, businesses and industries, governments, regional bodies or across borders generally perform better than those that are less focused on cooperation. Seven aspects were taken into consideration for the ranking: strategic partnerships, international joint degrees, internships, international co-publications, co-publications with industrial partners, regional co-publications and co-patents with industry.

U-Multirank not only gives insights on the effects of external cooperation, but as a multi-dimensional global ranking it makes transparent the detailed performance of universities. In doing so, students can make better informed choices about what, or where, to study based on what matters most to them. Universities can use U-Multirank data to assess their strengths and weaknesses and find ways to create or strengthen their strategic plans, including aspects of cooperation.

The interactive tool assisting students to select their best matching university or programme is available here.

This year, U-Multirank also offers an interactive map of the most cooperative universities worldwide.

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