European Commissions supports Erasmus+ European Universities pilot with an additional 34 million from Horizon 2020

28 July 2020EU news

The European Commission has announced that the first 17 alliances of universities selected under the Erasmus+ programme will each receive a complementary EUR 2 million support from Horizon 2020 programme for three years to start implementing their plans and pave the way for other higher education institutions across the EU, complementing the up to EUR 5 million from the Erasmus+ programme. With this support, the European Universities will explore further integration and transformation in their research and innovation missions.

European Universities are transnational alliances of higher education institutions from across the EU that come together for the benefit of students, teachers, researchers, and society. The purpose of the Horizon 2020 complementary support is to further contribute to the research and innovation dimension of the ‘European Universities’, in line with their shared, integrated, long-term joint strategy and in synergy with their education dimension.

The 17 European University alliances will focus on priority transformation areas such as sharing research and innovation infrastructures and resources, strengthening the attractiveness of researchers’ careers, reinforcing digital infrastructures and embracing open science principles, facilitating cooperation with other actors like businesses, and promoting engagement with citizens and society.


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